Psychiatric Practice

I am a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, which enables me to prescribe and manage psychiatric medications and to provide psychotherapy and counseling. Prior to becoming a PMHNP, I studied western clinical herbalism, which now allows me to offer you a more holistic, natural approach to mental health care.

My practice is based on three simple assumptions:

1) We are all doing the best that we can given the resources we have available.

2) We exist as social beings and it is the relationships we have with ourselves, those around us, our community and our culture that determine how we experience, and respond to, the world. We are not pathologies and diagnoses, instead, we are a dynamic interplay of our relational web.

3) The mind and the body are deeply connected; our thoughts and emotions effect our bodies, likewise our bodies effect our thinking and our emotions. We can not separate the two and expect to recover or heal.

I utilize these assumptions to inform work with all of my clients. My practice is constantly shifting to meet the needs of those I work with, and is a thoughtful mishmash of allopathic and functional psychiatry, feminist and post-modern psychotherapy, harm reduction theory and botanical medicine. 

My typical client is "left of center" and I am not shy about the influence of my politics in my therapeutic work.  I am fat, poly, kink, queer and trans affirmative. My work is driven by critical theory and I address power, privilege and oppression in all therapeutic encounters. As a provider, I emphasize self-determination, recovery, trauma informed care, humor and authenticity.

I practice three days a week with deeply underserved folks at Central City Concern. I am no longer taking patients at Amenda Clinic, but I encourage anyone interested in my practice to see one of the fabulous naturopaths at Amenda Clinic. Call 503.239.8181 to schedule an appointment.