Trauma Informed Substance Use Disorder Services: beyond the basics


Nov 10th


The Alano Club

(909 NW 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97210)

This 4 hour workshop begins by investigating the connection between psychological trauma and substance use disorders. We explore the neurobiological adaptations that arise in response to trauma, and the ways in which these same adaptations make one vulnerable to developing a substance use disorder. After understanding the neurobiological vulnerability, participants will review the tenets of trauma informed care, including (but not limited to) transparency, collaboration, safe environments, and anti-racism in clinical practice. This workshop closes by diving deep into common SUD services clinical scenarios and reviewing from a trauma informed lens. 

The course is open to all but has been designed for the practicing alcohol and drug counselor or addictions public health worker. It offers 4 CEUS for CADCs (in the works!).

1. Understand the neurobiological connection between trauma and substance use disorders
2. Review trauma informed care as it relates specifically to substance use disorder services
3. Understand the relevance and importance of pharmacotherapies in treating substance use disorders in those with a history of trauma
4. Apply trauma informed practices to common clinical scenarios

The instructor is Lydia Ann M Bartholow, DNP, PMHNP, CARN-AP. Lydia is the associate medical director of outpatient substance use disorders at Central City Concern. Her doctoral work is in the connection between trauma and and substance use disorders. She is a frequent lecturer across the pacific northwest on topics such as trauma informed care, harm reduction, medication supported recovery and difficult conversations.



  • May 17

    Flight to Portland (AS 3307)

    Salt Lake City SLC 7:55pm - 10:00pm

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